The Ecosystems of Smart Grid
 – the public and the personal

May 19th, 2015, 4pm-10pm Photos & Video Proceedings

David Packard Electrical Engineering Building (Auditorium)
Stanford University

Presented by:
North America Taiwanese Engineering & Science Association
IEEE Computer Society Santa Clara valley
IEEE Student Chapter Stanford University

Since its invention over a hundred years ago the humble electric grid has evolved into a complex entity with large power generation plants, long distance transmission and an array of automated and human control to balance demand and generation. The need to move to clean power from solar and wind with its inherent unreliability is upsetting the status quo, and requires leveraging IoT capabilities, data-mining and artificial intelligence to maintain the stability of power supply we are used to. Reinventing power delivery will be one of major challenges of the 21st century.

The NFIC-2015 conference will explore this emerging “smart grid” landscape with a view to educate and inform attendees. An introductory talk will be followed by sessions on the technology and business aspects with eminent experts delivering short presentations followed by interactive Q&A, around an in-depth keynote.